Wood Floor Restoration near Traverse City, MI

During the late ’90s to early ’00s the box stores sold a lot of solid pre-finished red oak strip flooring. This was a cost-effective and quick way to get a decent wood floor into a home then. Twenty years later, these floors are starting to show their wear despite their durable aluminum-oxide finish.

This particular floor had quite a bit of wear in the kitchen area, where the finish over the softer grain had completely worn through and turned black. The remaining finish had ambered to the point of orange. So this was a perfect opportunity to resurface the floor and while we were at it, change its color with stain. We also retrofitted some new oak vent covers to replace the old rusty metal grates.

The floor before sanding. The heavy wear was throughout the kitchen area.

Rustic Beige from Duraseal was the selected stain color. This stain has a nice blend of light gray tones, light enough that the colors of the wood still show through. Topped off with a durable water-based matte finish applied for protection.

An added bonus was most of the micro-beveled edges were removed along with the finish, so the floor feels & looks flatter, and there are now fewer places for dirt, dust, and debris to collect.

After the second coat of finish.