Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Why replace when you can refinish?

Restore worn out floors to their original beauty

Even factory-finished floors can wear through. When this happens we can take the opportunity to sand and refinish the floor which will allow the natural beauty of wood to make its statement once again.

Modern best practices for wood floor sanding and finishing

We can ensure a flat surface, a flawless finish, and keep the dust contained by using only state of the art floor sanding equipment and techniques. Older style drum sanding machines for wood floors had trouble with dust collection, and could leave “chatter” marks and wave. Newer drum/belt machines have better dust collection and help remove the old worn finish without the undesired chatter. This is followed up with the Bona PowerDrive which avoids the “dish out” on the softer grained boards. Along with the modern equipment, we’re certified by the NWFA for sanding & finishing. The only certified contractor in Northern Michigan.

Dust Containment

I remember when I apprenticed the final step of sanding involved screening the floor with a floor buffer, with no dust containment. This left a cloud of dust behind which led to a big cleanup. The dust containment systems we use now avoid the mess and help keep the job site clean.

GreenGuard certified & low VOC floor finishes

The standard finish system we apply is a clear water-based finish. Water based finishes have surpassed other types of finishes for durability. They’re also a better choice for indoor air quality.

Going invisible

We offer a finish that features a natural texture and feel that’s similar to unfinished wooden floors: Loba 2k Invisible Protect AT. Its low-sheen, minimal color change properties help keep the wood lighter and brighter. An optional whitener additive can be mixed in to this finish for an even lighter look. Also available and recommended for lighter woods like maple is an additive that protects the floor, reducing damage from Ultraviolet rays.

Are your floors ready for some new color?

When a hardwood floor is restored, where all old finish is removed by sanding down to bare wood, it can be stained with a pigmented stain (e.g. Duraseal or Bona, or Rubio Monocoat stains). Alternatively, European hard-wax oils also come in a variety of colors. This allows for the color and finish to applied all at once.

Do you want to find out more? We’ve prepared a guide that reviews some of the finish options we offer.